What is Biometric Systems Biometric Clocks

In this age of technological advancement, business environments grow and grow. For this reason, emerging companies, as well as veterans, they need security and control mechanisms that are accurate and reliable.

Biometric clocks are suitable devices that meet the above requirements. We may wonder: what is a biometric time clock? And the answer is very simple: it is a control device employment assistance, similar to that hole cards, but automatic. It is possible that at some point we saw that the traditional attendance controls had some loopholes, biometric watches these shortcomings are a thing of the past.

Well, a watch is an advanced biometric time and attendance, but maybe it’s “biometric” is not yet clear. The term biometrics refers to physical or behavioral characteristics that are unique to each individual. This is best understood by example, so, fingerprints, iris, retina, voice, manner of speaking, how to write or type, are qualities biometrics.

Biometric clocks work by receiving a biometric attribute, which is usually a fingerprint. Imagine that an employee comes to your workplace, what is the first thing? Register your attendance. If there is a biometric time clock employee addresses Insuranceparth this and puts his finger on a reader. The reader sends the information recorded on a spreadsheet, which records the employee’s name and your arrival time. When an employee finishes his day’s work, the process is similar.

As can be seen, an employee can only report their income and output. Can not report the entry or exit of a partner, since a fingerprint is personal and not transferable. Many cards or access badges that registration had “personal and not transferable, but this was not true. In contrast with biometric clocks that if applied, regardless of beliefs about theft of tracks or clones of the same: You can not cheat the system.

The biometric systems , the biometric locks and everything related to biometrics, offering ideal products to increase security levels Suvicharin in businesses, schools, homes and many other places.

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