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Create Your Own Bobblehead Doll

One thing to know about bobblehead dolls from topbobblehead.com is that they are worth collecting. Many companies have released custom bobbleheads for movies, video games, cartoons, sports teams, and many others. Many people are passionate enough to collect different types of bobblehead dolls.

The good thing about custom bobbleheads is that you can collect all kinds of bobbleheads according to your interests. For example, if you are an animal lover, you can collect bobblehead animal dolls that can be made up of different types of animal models that you particularly like. If you want to collect big-headed animal dolls, there are three things you should keep in mind:

Try to combine several animals on a stand

It is better to combine several pet figurines on one stand than to collect bobblehead pet dolls one after another. This allows you to combine different types of animals to create a unique collection of types for custom bobbleheads. Of course, each animal can have its own pose and expression.

Combining multiple animals on one stand will make your collection more diverse and less boring. There are also endless combinations for you to make, which means you can grow your collection faster if you follow this strategy.

It can also be displayed as a bobblehead doll.

You can only have one pet figure on a stand, but there are better ways to make your collection even more personal. It can also be displayed as a bobblehead along with your pet’s bobblehead. For example, if you want to place your pet on a bobblehead stand, why not add your own bobblehead doll to the center? In this way, you get a more personal collection of bobblehead animal dolls.

Create your own bobblehead doll with your favorite animals, such as cats, dogs, rabbits, horses and other animals. You can also pose with animals at the bobblehead stall.

Use a specific object for each animal bobblehead.

Would you like to use a specific object for each animal head doll you create to make the animal head doll even more attractive and interesting? For example, you can combine a cat and dog figure with a model car, or create a bobblehead doll riding a horse with a tree as an object. The limit is your own imagination.

Whatever animal or pet you want to include in your collection, think of something that can make it unique. You can make your custom bobblehead look even more interesting by using specific objects.


If you love animals and pets and want to collect them as personalized bobblehead dolls, you should keep these three things in mind. By doing so, the collection cannot be made even more attractive and boring. Animal Figurines by not only placing one animal figurine on each stand in various regular poses, but also mixing it with other animals, adding it to the center, or using specific objects. It can make you look more interesting.

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