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Basic Knowledge of Receiver of Wireless Presenter

The design of laser pointer with remote control adopts simple fashion style, be it their appearances or the touch feeling, are all fantastic. Modules of the products are imported laser pointer, high-quality crystal and glass lenses. Their shells are all processed by numerically controlled lathes. (Wireless)

Their concentricity is intense, and the combination of their parts is very close. Processed with pressure assembly lines, heat dissipation holes are burrowed all over the products. Besides, they are water-proofing, which can work under water, with their tail switch capable of being on for a long time. (Wireless)

Laser pointer is a new thing, not before a lot of research at home and abroad, but with the growing popularity of multimedia teaching techniques, green laser pointer’s position becomes more and more important, has become the teachers teach, will not make a report few special tools, it can liberate teachers from the front of the computer in the classroom every corner of the courseware can be the flip operation, while there are pointer laser pointer function, you can use the laser pointing on the big screen. (Wireless)

green laser pointer has an over-long useful time. The first led flash light is a single function laser pointer laser. This laser pointer only laser function, laser emitted by the different colors, red laser pointer and blue laser pointer into red light laser pointer because the low cost, price cheap, as the mainstream of everyday applications. (Wireless)

Green laser pointer has an over-long useful time for it applies the latest power saving technology. Green Laser Pointer expensive, mainly used in engineering construction, and astronomical observations. (Wireless)

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