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Two Phones For The Low Price Of One

Dual sim phones have become very common, and when you buy a twin sim phone, you essentially get two phones in one. But Chinabuye, makes that two-for-one concept better by placing the two phones onto one handset and then lowering the price.

You end up getting one phone at a quarter of its street value. Introducing the new K500 Dual Sim Phone; its name is Boxing, and it’s as powerful as it is beautiful. This pretty little beauty weighs just over 80 grams, and it comes in black with a 2 inch LCD screen. It also has a flashlight.

This phone has standard features – Bluetooth, 64 polyphonic ringtones, audio and video players and recorders, Stereo speakers, and MP3 playback ability. It is a bar phone with dimensions of 104 by 44 by 10 mm. The phone is a full-fledged entertainment system.

Not only can it play and record music and video, it also has an FM radio, so you can listen to your favourite shows in between phone calls. The flashlight is an LED, so it has extra brightness and can shine for longer periods of time. The talk time is lengthy as well – 200 minutes to 6 hours, while the standby time is between 240 and 320 hours.

Data is input using a keypad, and the phone comes with an expandable memory of up to 4 GB via its TF flash extension. The phone is available in English, French, Turkish, Arabic, and Persian, so it’s a truly international phone. In the past, cell phones were simply about maintaining contact, but nowadays, a phone can be a virtual assistant, and an accessory at well.

Chinabuye understands and appreciates that. All Chinabuye cell phones contain a calculator, a calendar, a currency converter and a to-do list. This handy gadget can do so much more than just typing texts and making phone calls. To cover the accessory feature, this phone is manufactured in a nice shiny black that can be matched with any outfit, shoe, or handbag. Your phone will never embarrass you, and it will never clash.

Now that you’ve heard its qualitative value, it’s time to tell you it’s quantitative worth. This phone is available for the ridiculously low price of $ 38.99, and the price comes even lower if you buy in bulk. Chinabuye also offers free shipping. Order the K500 online and start talking in style.

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