Top 5 Challenges to CRM Success and How to Avoid Them

A good number of problems might crop up while implementing a CRM preventing CRM success in the process. Industry research even points out that upto 70% of CRM implementations might fail to meet expectations. The good news here is that CRM success can be easily achieved by identifying problems early and preparing to solve them with the help of the right CRM software consulting services.

Here’s a list of the biggest potential problems that are bound to take place, accompanied by some of the best solutions for assured success.

Planning and Strategy

This one’s pretty obvious. Most companies out there think about CRM and even related services like CRM software consulting on an extremely ad hoc basis. However without proper planning or a solid strategy, the likelihood of success is close to zero.

Solution: Understanding what your company needs and conducting a much required needs assessment is important. Goals from the conducted assessment should form the basis of your strategy and plans for implementing CRM power apps in managing your organization.

A Lack of Focus

The best thing about CRM technology is its ability to do a thousand things but that however doesn’t mean that it should. Trying to make your CRM yield too many benefits that too in the beginning can make things extremely challenging for you.

Solution: Again, review your assessment goals, the basis of your strategy for CRM implementation? Focus on smaller goals that are achievable – once those have been successfully attended to, move onto the next area. In short, move slow and steady!


Adoption and integration of CRM power apps is an extremely important part of successful CRM implementation. If prospective users do not see the value of using a software that’s supposed to make life easier then they will simply treat it like a burden. Lack of participation simply translates into a failure of your CRM journey.

Solution: Taking into account the needs of individual users early in the implementation will help make the adoption easier. Then, configuring your CRM to meet those needs is your next step, thereby encouraging prospective users to not treat the software like a burden.


Since successful CRM requires participation from everyone, it is only natural that regular communication is also necessary. Remember focused communication is essential with users is mandatory before, during and after CRM implementation.

Solution: While attempting to incorporate new processes in the daily work schedules of your employees, communicate about these processes and their benefits to the users involved. Don’t make the common mistake of letting your CRM implementation success plans lose momentum.

Supportive Leadership

It is often seen that companies opting for CRM software consulting services, have undertaken CRM as a marketing or technical initiative without the complete support of leadership, that is, management. At best, there is only limited success for such ventures – complete success can not be attained without the full support of management.

Solution: Involving management in the whole process from the beginning is a great way to ensure support. A grass root approach involving all the top leaders in the organization can ensure absolute support.

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