Dog Owners and Pets Bond Over a Shared Meal at Trendy Culinary Café

Culinary trends are starting to take the nation by storm. First it was cakes and pies that had people all atwitter, and then it was cupcakes. Now the latest culinary trend that has people watering at the mouth has to do with raw dog food.

Woofing Yummy Treats based out of Tulsa has developed a culinary treat sensation that will be sure to be taking the nation by storm. This culinary sensation combines favorite human foods and combines them into a treat that can be used as raw dog food.

“Humans and their pets share a very close bond”, said owner of Woofing Yummy Treats, Sara Timmons. “What we set out to do is create a treat that can be shared by both humans and pets. Many people comment that they would love to share a meal with their pets, but are unable to because dogs cannot always eat the same foods as humans. We worked to fix that.”

Woofing Yummy Treats offers customers a choice of over 40 different flavored cupcakes, cakes and pies that can be eaten by both dogs and humans. Treats are served on a plate with a side dish that can be used to allow dogs to eat next to their owners.

“Our whole goal is to create an experience that a pet and their owner can enjoy together”, explained Timmons. “We know how sad dogs can get when owners go out to dinner or to get a bite to eat. Now they can do this together as a fun outing.”

Sara Timmons and her staff worked closely with veterinarians to come up with human and dog friendly snack options that would be tasty and safe to eat. Sara Timmons and her staff work in a closed door kitchen that is used solely for the purpose of developing new recipes and treats that dogs and humans will love.

“We are afraid that our competition might try to step on our toes – or in this case tails”, said Timmons. “So, we had to make our research kitchen closed to the public, but we’ve got some great tasting treats in the works.”

Woofing Yummy Treats opened its doors in March of 2022 and has developed a considerable following. They serve approximately 400 customers and dogs a day.

“Spot and I love to come here because it’s something we can do together”, said Samantha Green, a loyal patron of Woofing Yummy Treats. “I tell all my friends who own dogs about this place. They think I’m crazy till they try it themselves and they just love it.”

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